You can maintain your kitchen at on-trend status, without overhauling the entire room. The trick is to start with a timelessly designed kitchen to serve as a neutral backdrop, and then update the kitchen’s style by way of transient decor.

Here are the trends we found that particularly lend themselves to the kitchen as non-bank-breaking accent pieces and decor.

90% white with 10% accent color

Last year, many trend forecasters predicted that white kitchens were on their way out.. White kitchens have been the most popular kitchen color for decades and based on our cabinet sales—we don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.

However, a fun interior design trend that will be big in 2019 is incorporating 10% accent colors into an all-white kitchen. So, whether it’s adding a varied palette of the same color or bold blend of jewel tones—go ahead and liven up your white kitchen! You can do this with a variety of relatively simple options, including but not limited to:

  • Paint the wall
  • Treat the windows
  • Decorative table and countertop items
  • Display items in a glass-front cabinet or open shelving
  • Change out the hand towels and throw rugs
  • Do a contrast color on the kitchen island
  • Vases, artwork, light fixtures, etc.


Saturated in jewel tones

Several trend forecasters are raving about deep, dark, jewel toned greens for 2019. Some are calling it Night Watch Green, others just stick with the classic Hunter Green—either way, we all know this color well. It’s not new to the kitchen trend scene, but it’s got some surprising staying power.

This is a deep, dramatic color that will understandably not be everyone’s cup of tea. In which case, the entire jewel-toned color palette is in for 2019. Jewel-tones get their namesake from the fashion industry, referring to a variety of bold colors that resemble the deepest hues of a gemstone’s spectrum.


Art Deco for that touch of glamour

Mid-century Modern has been the go-to design style of the past for a good while now, and many trend forecasters are eager to identify the next big thing. Some feel strongly that it’s going to be all about Art Deco in 2019.

Curves for days

Retro style furniture has been dominant in the trends and will continue to thrive this winter—especially curvy, wooden pieces. Choose rounded chairs, banquettes, stools, or tables for your kitchen like those shown below. Atypical shapes in shades of retro will achieve this 2019 trend perfectly.


Tribal prints

Geometric prints are almost always in style, but every decade or so their culturally inspired counterparts step into the limelight. This is their time and tribal prints will be big this winter. They are a wonderful way to bring unique style and contrast to your kitchen space.

Keeping it brassy

If you thought that brass’ big comeback was going to be short-lived, think again! This trend has been in our reports going back to Fall 2017—and we’re honestly glad to see it continue to gain traction.

This trend especially favors aged and vintage looking brass. Cabinet hardware is one way to incorporate brass into the kitchen, but what about all those nickel fixtures and stainless appliances you don’t have the budget to replace right now? Not to worry, mixing metals is A-OK! And when done right, it can create very interesting visual appeal.

Just because you have existing chromes or nickels dominating your kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this trend. Play with different metals, bring in some copper, steel, and bronze, and allow them to be stylishly cohered by the fact that they are all different.

For walls, mill work will work

The bad news is that the trend forecasters have been reporting that accent walls are out. Say “so long”, hopefully not for long, to that simple trick that adds a pop of color to a room. The good news is that there are new (and some old), exciting ways to add interest to your interior walls. Wainscoting, traditional mill work, or rustic shiplap are some of the ideal ways to get your walls in line with this trend.