Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Charlotte, NC

Function and style. That’s what you want from your kitchen and bathrooms. Not only should these spaces make you love spending time at home, but they should also add resale value should you ever choose to sell. 

The cabinets you select for your remodel will play a critical role in whether or not your kitchen and bathroom reach their full potential. That’s why Queen City Kitchens only offers the best of the best. Let’s take a brief look at the cabinet brands we work with to transform living spaces:


Kemper is America’s oldest cabinet maker. Since its founding in 1926, the brand has set the standard for high-quality cabinets and consistently exceeded customer expectations. With well-built products offered in a wide range of styles and prices, it’s no surprise Kemper Cabinets is a go-to brand for so many homeowners. 

  • Kemper is one of the most trusted brands in the industry, and its cabinets are priced somewhere between Omega and Waypoint.
  • Excellent choices for standard kitchen and bathroom cabinet designs
  • Wine storage/cabinet options available!

Omega Cabinetry

Whether you’re looking for a semi-custom or fully custom design, Omega Cabinetry is an excellent choice. This brand has been expertly crafting kitchen cabinets for more than three decades to meet each customer’s specific needs. The result is a product that emits luxury and elegance for a lifetime.

  • Omega products are among the most high-end in the country—both in price and quality.
  • The ideal brand for custom and semi-custom cabinets for both spaces. 
  • Wine storage/cabinet options available!


Virginia-based Waypoint Living Spaces manufactures some of the finest cabinets in the world. The cabinets are not only beautiful but also built to last. From the craftsmanship to the materials used, Waypoint executes every step of its manufacturing process with the mission of providing customers with unrelenting appeal and function. 

  • Waypoint offers the most budget-friendly options. 
  • Designs are center around current kitchen trends, and the cabinetmaker sells corner cabinets and other specialty pieces. 
  • Wine storage/cabinet options available!
Kemper Kitchen Cabinets
Omega Kitchen Cabinets
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Why Choose Queen City Kitchens? 

Queen City Kitchens has more than 30 years of experience serving the Charlotte community. We use only the finest products, bring a wealth of expertise to each project, and work closely with our customers every step of the way—from design to installation. 

In other words, we love turning dream kitchens into a reality! If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and get a free estimate!