Design is our passion at Queen City Kitchen & Bath. We’re obsessed with planning and designing kitchens, bathrooms, and small spaces that look and function better than our clients thought possible. From repainting existing cabinets to building new cabinets to choosing the best accessories for each space, we thrive off of making each room and nook reach its potential in beauty, comfort, and convenience. 

That’s why we’re so excited to talk about the ideas below. We’re going to discuss some of the hottest kitchen cabinet trends of 2021, creative bathroom storage solutions, space-saving principles for small areas, and more. Let’s get started. 


Hot Kitchen Cabinet Designs for 2021 

For most households, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. And the cabinets are a critical element in the kitchen’s overall design, function, and aesthetic. 

All and all, kitchen cabinet designs are moving more and more toward a simple, streamlined look that leaves room for bold statements from surfaces, fixtures, decor. But that’s not to say you won’t see the occasional pop of wild colors and textures. Here are some kitchen cabinet trends you can expect to notice this year and beyond:


Custom Colors

You can be bold without sacrificing simplicity. These days, many homeowners are avoiding cookie-cutter designs, instead opting for cabinet designs with character and personality. And what is one of the most effective ways to set your kitchen apart from others? Finishing them in a custom color of your choice! 

Light, medium, and dark cabinets all have their place. It really depends on your existing kitchen space, as well as your vision and purpose for renovating. Whether you want to go with a softer tone like gray, yellow, or pale green, or you’re envisioning a darker palette like black, navy, or forest green, there is no shortage of options. At Queen City Kitchen & Bath, we love the new durable colors available from Kemper Cabinets. They offer a wide array of stains, paints, and glazes that will beautify your kitchen for many years to come. 



More homeowners are opting to go the way of a minimalist kitchen design. Out of all the styles possible, minimalism is the surest way to achieve cleanliness, organization, and efficiency. White cabinets, light woods, and sleek appliances evoke simplicity and beauty while allowing for clutter-free work surfaces. And this design doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you incorporate gorgeous finishes and luxe stone. 


Clean and Modern  

While traditional cabinetry often involves complex, ornate design work, modern cabinetry with clean aesthetics takes a much simpler approach. These types of cabinets feature a recessed panel door, smooth edge profiles, and simple clean lines. Throw on low-profile handles, and you’ve got the perfect minimalist cabinets. With this style, white cabinets with different shades of white and off-white countertops and backsplashes provide a clean, streamlined look that will make any fan of modern kitchen design salivate. 


Multiple Colors

If the clean look isn’t what you’re going for, why not try something on the other side of the spectrum and take advantage of the endless options of finish colors and techniques? Expect color mixing to be a big thing in 2021 and beyond. 

You can go in almost any direction you like with this style. For instance, you could paint the upper cabinets white and leave the lower cabinets in a natural wood tone. You could put a dark finish (e.g., espresso, black, navy, etc.) on the kitchen island. You could even mix three or four vibrant colors on the cabinets. The important thing is to keep natural wood elements and neutral tones somewhere in the design to showcase the unique features while maintaining a sense of cohesion. 

While you’re at it, think of interesting kitchen accessories you can add to the space. French country baking bowls, old-school butter churners, and multicolored measuring spoons are just a few examples of unique accessories that can bring a splash of intrigue. 


Open Shelving

Open shelving is nothing new, but it’s here to stay as a kitchen trend. Replacing closed-door wall cabinetry with open shelves can do wonders for opening up space in a kitchen, and it can make organization a breeze. Plus, there’s a wealth of options when it comes to styles and finishes. Just make sure you’re intentional about what you store on your shelves; since you can see most of what’s on the shelves, each piece should benefit the overall aesthetic and function of the kitchen. 


Oak Wood

There’s a strong trend toward oak wood in kitchens. Oak has a way of simultaneously evoking warmth and modern sensibilities. Use a durable stain from Kemper on your oak cabinets, and you’ll be well on your way to adding dimension, texture, and luxury to your kitchen space. What’s more, you can utilize oak cabinetry in a wide variety of design styles, from French country to clean modern to rustic. 


Cabinets as Furniture

If you really want to make your kitchen unique, then add some furniture styling to your cabinetry. For example, you can easily turn a basic tall pantry cabinet into an armoire or hutch by incorporating lighting, ornate wall cabinet doors, and a countertop that separates the upper and lower cabinetry. Furthermore, add some specialized storage behind the doors and drawers for a custom dry bar, coffee station, or writing surface. 


Smart Tech Storage 

It should come as no surprise that kitchen design has caught up with the fact that many of us are inseparable from our mobile devices. More and more homeowners are looking for ways to make their kitchen more accommodating for their daily use of gadgets, beginning with the addition of charging stations in modern cabinetry. 

For those who want to use a smartphone or tablet for reading recipes or watching cooking shows, it might be worth installing a device holder or docking station. And if you want to go all the way, consider having a tablet, flatscreen TV, music speakers, or other wireless devices built into the cabinets. 


Appealing Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for 2021  

As with kitchens, cabinets are essential to a bathroom’s design. Ultimately, the goal is to incorporate attractive cabinets that provide plenty of storage in a highly-trafficked and relatively confined space. There are endless options when it comes to bathroom cabinet designs, sizes, materials, and setups. But here are some of our favorite ideas:


Painting the Cabinets

One of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom is to paint your existing cabinets. You can go in many different directions here, from a natural wood refinish to a dark gray to a vibrant red, and anywhere between. Consider what you envision for the rest of the space, and make a statement with your vanity or other types of cabinetry. 


Cabinet Hardware

The hardware on your bathroom cabinets is also critical. Choose pulls, knobs, handles, keys, latches, and/or other accessories that will complement your cabinets for a subtle statement in the overall space. There are tons of styles, shapes, and finishes to choose from, so have fun with the design!


Cabinet Organization  

One of the cheapest ways to create more storage in your bathroom is to add containers under your cabinet. You can purchase simple, attractive bins and separate your items by category (e.g., skincare, body care, dental care, etc.) to achieve ultimate organization. If you want to go a step further, install a pull-out organizer rack for your under-cabinet storage. 


Storage Cabinets

So, you want to get extra classy. You may need to purchase a bathroom storage cabinet. These are stand-alone pieces that allow you to store toiletries, linens, baskets, and whatever else items you need to store. Consider going with a mid-size cabinet with transparent glass doors. 


Custom Cabinets

Of course, you could always build your own storage cabinet, or have the professionals at Queen City Kitchen & Bath take care of it! We can build a storage cabinet that fits your bathroom perfectly in terms of dimensions, style, and function. And we can create many other types of bathroom cabinets as well.


Floating Sink Cabinets

If floor space is extra-precious real estate in your bathroom, you could benefit from installing a floating sink cabinet. These pieces are mounted to the wall and provide a sleek, practical storage solution. Depending on the function needed, you can go with a single sink, double sink, and beyond.


Wall Cabinets

Another nifty method for saving space is to install a wall cabinet. Any type of storage solution mounted to a wall is an excellent way of utilizing vertical space and helping you stay organized. Consider a simple bathroom wall cabinet with a single line of drawers and an open shelf in the middle. You could fit this kind of peace over the toilet or towel rack without making the room feel too cluttered.


Built-In Cabinets

Perhaps the most effective way to maximize storage without compromising space is to install a built-in cabinet. Chances are there is at least one spot on your bathroom wall that could serve as a cabinet, even if you have a small bathroom. For example, if there is a wall or a cavity next to your shower, you could build a full-size cabinet in there without adding any obstructions to foot traffic.


Essential Factors When Planning Small Spaces  

Finally, let’s talk about small spaces. After all, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out how to fit all of your belongings in your home without causing clutter and disorder. The goal is to achieve a perfect balance of function and beauty in every room, nook, and cranny. Queen City Kitchen & Bath exists to help our clients achieve just that. Here are some factors that play into getting the most from your home’s space:

Embracing the size. Don’t pretend your home is bigger than it is. To make the most of each room, accept its size and design accordingly. Hint: Go with a narrow stool to hold your book and remote controls if you don’t have the space for a bedside table. Avoid being cramped at all costs. 

Visual flow. If you have a not-so-open floor plan with several adjacent rooms, keep each of those spaces cohesive. Sticking with the same style, color palette, and/or materials will go a long way in creating visual flow. 

Vertical space. Get more from your square footage by optimizing vertical space. Don’t shy away from floor-to-ceiling shelving, built-in seating, or storage solutions for the space above doors and windows. 

Natural light. In small spaces, natural light is a miracle. Use sheer privacy curtains or woven blinds instead of window treatments that will totally block out sunlight. And consider installing mirrors on opposite walls from the windows, which will help amplify the sunlight throughout the room. 

Decluttering. Last but not least: Keep clutter at bay. The tiniest out-of-place items can take away from the feng shui of a small space. Be deliberate with your decor and functional belongings, and organize as you go. 



If you’re looking to make some serious improvements to your home, Queen City Kitchen & Bath has the experience and passion necessary to bring your vision to fruition. There are many ways to design your kitchen, bathroom, and small spaces to be more beautiful, comfortable, and convenient. Check out our online galleries, and give us a call to talk about the next steps! (704) 583-9992