Home Equity Line of Credit Promotion

Our lenders will help you figure out how much value you have in your home and get you set up right away.

We can help you to finance your project. As soon as you meet one of our design team and let them work with you on a budget, we can immediately get the money in place to keep your project moving. It’s that easy. Interest rates are amazingly low at this time and what could be a better place to invest in than your home.

  • 3.24% APR fixed introductory rate
  • 12 months on our home equity line of credit (HELOC)
  • Variable rate as low as 4.75% APR thereafter

Get the Sychrony Credit Discount

Receive 12 months no interest on your purchase made with your Sychrony credit card.

You can use the extra funds for everything from a home improvement project, to debt consolidation, to paying for your child’s college. With this responsible borrowing solution, you only pay interest on the money you draw.

Finance Your Project at Queen City Kitchens
Kitchen Remodel Financing 12 Months 0 Interest

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