If you are considering Granite Countertops there are a couple of important things to consider.

First, not all Granite is equal.  Most Granite comes from Brazil, India, China, and Canada.  There are many quality granite distributors in or near Charlotte that sell quality Granite products but be sure to ask where they buy their products. 

After the Granite is shipped to Charlotte, it is purchased by Granite Fabricators.  Queen City Kitchens is a Granite Fabricator and licensed kitchen remodeling contractor.  We have relationships with all the best stone importers in North Carolina and supply only the very best quality Granite countertops and remnants. 

Take a look at our Granite Samples online.  Our online catalog shows the more popular colors but if you have a special stone in mind, we can get it for you!

Second, not all granite & countertop stores in Charlotte are equal.  Ask about the fabrication process and be certain to look at samples of previous work.  Pay attention to the details.  Qualified Granite Installers should be able to produce seams that are all but invisible.  Also, look for polished returns at the ends of countertops.  Take a look at the reviews on Google and Yelp to find out what others are saying about their experience. 

Queen City Kitchens has a whole kitchen showroom full of granite samples but here are a few to help you with your research.

Butterfly Green Granite

Quarried in Brazil, this natural granite got its name from its resemblance to a butterfly’s wings. The stone is a beautiful forest-green with large blue crystals and subtle accents of gold running throughout. The Butterfly Green Granite is very durable and can be used multiple applications, such as tabletops, fireplaces, and floors. The stone is quite dense, meaning there is no need to seal it, which also makes it easy to clean, unlikely to fall victim to stains, and good for indoor and outdoor use.


Dallas White Granite

Dallas White Granite is a beautiful natural stone imported from Brazil, defined by its small specks of black, grey, and burgundy mineral deposits over a white background. Thanks to granite’s natural hardness and density, it is stain-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring its beauty for a lifetime.

Butterfly Green Granite, Dallas White Granite, Delicatus White Granite, Giallo Napoli Granite, Gold Brazil Granite, Ice Glue Granite, Luna Pearl Granite, Moon Light Granite, Moon Valley Granite, Venetian Gold Granite

Delicatus White Granite

Known for its white background with large, dark, fluid patterns, the Delicatus White Granite is quarried in Brazil and has very visible mineral deposits. The stone can also have patterns accented with creamy browns or, more subtly, light shades of grey. There is a medium amount of variation between different slabs, meaning it is easy to pick a slab with more or less amounts of mineral deposits. This stone is very resistant to staining, good at hiding dirt and fingerprints, and easy to clean and maintain.


Giallo Napoli Granite

Giallo Napoli Granite has a stunning golden beige background with specks of grey, white, and yellow mineral deposits throughout. This stone is a great choice for countertops thanks to its durability, which also makes it very resistant to acidic foods and staining. The Giallo Napoli Granite is also heat and scratch resistant and requires very low maintenance to keep it beautiful.


Gold Brazil Granite

Imported from Brazil, this natural stone has a luxurious almond background with large amounts of white, black, and brown stippling. Granite as a whole is a very popular choice of countertops, and this type of granite will instantly spice up your kitchens. This stone is very dense, making it a perfect choice for your kitchen. Because of the Gold Brazil Granite’s density, it is durable and very resistant to stains with a very low absorption rate to liquids.


Ice Blue Granite

The Ice Blue Granite’s name is inspired by the intricate ice designs inside a snowflake. This beautiful, all-natural stone imported from Brazil has a white to light blue background and dynamic design of dark grey lines running throughout. The Ice Blue Granite has low variation between slabs and, due to the density and strength of granite, it is surprisingly effective at resisting stains and easy to keep clean.


Luna Pearl Granite

This natural stone is found in Spain and features a beautiful and intricate pattern of grey, black, and white. There is a medium level of variation in this granite, and because of the complex pattern and colors, dirt and fingerprints will not show up, making it very easy to keep clean. The stone is very resilient and is both stain and scratch-resistant, ensuring that your countertops will continue to look beautiful.


Moon Light Granite

This light-colored, natural granite is imported from India and is intricately patterned with swirls of ivory, silver, and black over a white background. This granite is very versatile and popular and offers a very unique appearance because of its very fluid design. Granite is very strong, making it very tolerable to heat, resistant to discoloring, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant, making it the perfect low-maintenance option to make your kitchen feel more luxurious.


Moon Valley Granite

This natural yellow granite imported from Brazil has a sleek, sandy-tan background with specks of white, black, and hints of brown throughout. The stone has medium variation between slabs and does well in withstanding both hot and cold temperatures. Due to the density and strength of granite, this stone has a very low absorption rate to liquids, making it extremely resistant to staining and easy to keep clean.


New Venetian Gold Granite

The New Venetian Gold Granite is quarried in Brazil and known for its luxurious golden tones with small specks of white, black, and deeper gold running through the stone, highlighting the beautiful gold tones. Lasting for years, this granite is very strong and very durable. It is stain-resistant, hides dirt and fingerprints, and is very easy to keep clean in relation to darker granites.