The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every household in the United States. We’ve been spending much more time at home over the last 14 months, and it appears that we’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

For many of us homeowners, the changes to our routines have led to changes in our priorities. We are noticing eyesores, inconveniences, and discomforts in our homes that we didn’t notice before. That explains why remodeling projects have skyrocketed across the country since the first quarantines were ordered in early 2020. 

Maybe you’re ready for a clean, modern bathroom upgrade that will help you relax and engage in all those self-care rituals you’ve been dreaming about. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your open-floor plan and want to create a living environment that offers more privacy and quiet. Or, you might simply want to update your home to be more attractive and inviting to visitors (now that that’s a thing—kind of). 

If you’ve thought about making changes like these, you’ve come to the right place. Queen City Kitchen & Bath can help you plan and execute the remodel of your dreams. And we’ll even provide you with the best contractors in the Charlotte area, which is no small deal during the busy spring season! But for now, let’s talk about some remodeling projects that could bring your home back to life:



You may be spending more time at home. And you may have a little more time for self-care. But to make the most of it all, you need a bathroom that’s up to the task. If your bathroom isn’t relaxing or doesn’t make your personal care activities easy, then you’re not likely to maintain your routine. Here are some ideas for helping your bathroom blossom into the restful retreat you need:

Open It Up

A lot of homeowners are having second thoughts about an open-floor plan right about now. But that doesn’t really apply to bathrooms. Think about it. Is your bathroom somewhere you want to feel closed off? Probably not. Having to navigate too many fixtures during your personal care routine is not only inconvenient but can also be dangerous. 

You already have a door that provides you with privacy (hopefully), so why not see how you can open the space up a little bit? If you have any wing walls hindering the flow in your bathroom, consider knocking them out and repurposing the area. Or if you have any closets or other adjoining spaces that you can do without, maybe you could remove those walls and significantly expand your bathroom. 

Bring on the Spa

Not many things are more relaxing than going to the spa. The problem is, spas were closed for a while due to pandemic restrictions, and a lot of people still aren’t comfortable with the idea of going back. So, what better way to solve this quandary than to create your own spa at home? 

Surprisingly, turning your bathroom into a spa doesn’t have to be a massive project, and if you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, then it’s easy to work some spa-like features into the mix. The key is to evoke luxury and comfort. If it agrees with the aesthetic theme of your bathroom, consider these tricks:

  • Put in gold hardware, faucets, and fixtures. 
  • Invest in a bathtub caddy to provide you with convenient access to your essential oils, scrubs, Himalayan salt, jade roller, and other items. 
  • Put out a few plants, such as succulents or air plants. 
  • Make room for a candle display to create some serious spa vibes.   
  • Get a bathroom rug to add sophistication and warmth to the space. 
  • Add a large art print or a gallery wall that cooly states: “This is an intriguing and welcoming spa room.” 
  • Stock up on fancy linens; you can’t really have too many of them. 
  • And put those towels on a wooden ladder for a nice organic touch. 

Brighten the Space

Lighting is one of the most important factors in designing a relaxing, rejuvenating bathroom. While it can be hard to create natural light, there are plenty of ways to maximize the natural light available to you. 

For instance, outfit your bathroom with lighter hues. White walls can do wonders for brightening a space and providing an open and airy feel. Selecting light tones for the shower tiles, countertops, and window treatments can also make a big difference. Don’t worry about having too many soft hues in your bathroom; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add contrast through your floor tile, fixtures, artwork, hardware, linens, and other items. 

Another way to bring in more light is to install integrated lighting. Queen City Kitchen & Bath has ample experience in integrated lighting, and we can incorporate it into your bathroom design to evoke a weightless spring feel. Not only will it add unique styling to the space, but it can also save you the hassle and cost of changing light bulbs! 

Make It Easy to Clean 

If your bathroom is going to be relaxing, it’s got to be clean. And we all know how frustrating it can be to have a bathroom that’s hard to keep clean and sanitary. Here are some ideas for surfaces and fixtures you can incorporate into your remodeling project that will make cleaning a breeze:

Quartz Countertops

Of all the natural materials used for home products, quartz is one of the hardest. Not only is it difficult to stain or scratch, but it’s by far the easiest countertop material to upkeep. Throw in the fact that it’s visually appealing, and it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular choice for countertops among designers. 

Another benefit of quartz is that it’s non-porous, which makes it less susceptible to collecting bacteria. In a damp environment, such as a bathroom, this is a big deal. Additionally, the selection of quartz countertops is getting better by the day; you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to finding a countertop with few seams and a sleek profile. Lighter, warmer finishes in quartz are expected to be quite the trend in 2021. 

A Floating Vanity

Floating vanities mount on the wall and can significantly open up the space in your bathroom without sacrificing storage capacity. There are many different configurations to choose from as well. Want a complete unit that includes a countertop, sink, and storage base? They have those. Want a partial set that includes any two of those features? Or how about entirely separate pieces? They have all of those too. 

Moreover, you have a wealth of options if you want to incorporate a wall-mounted storage unit. You can get it mounted vertically or horizontally, have an open or closed cabinet, and mount it as high or as low as you like. As an added bonus, it’s easier to clean the floors when you have floating vanities and storage pieces.

Stain-Resistant Paint 

One good thing that has come from the pandemic is that there are now better paints for home use. In 2020, a lot of progress was made in terms of paints becoming more stain-resistant, hygienic, and durable. Some are even formulated to prevent mildew, which is much welcome in damp environments. Long story short: Find the most durable interior paint possible, throw a coat on your bathroom walls, and clean to your heart’s content without worrying about the paint wearing out. 

Large-Format Tiles

Something about big tiles screams luxury. Homeowners are picking up on this concept, and larger-format tiles are expected to keeping rising as a bathroom trend for the foreseeable future. Large tiles on the floor and walls help the bathroom feel more spacious. Plus, having fewer grout lines makes for a sleek look with less cleaning. 



Open-floor concepts have been trendy for decades now. There are legitimate reasons why this kind of floor plan might be a great option for some families. Say you have young children and don’t want to let them out of your sight. Or maybe you like to entertain guests frequently. But the pandemic has changed things. And it’s important to evaluate the floor plan in your home to ensure it’s still the right layout for your family. 

2020 has seen a major shift in trends from open-floor concepts to, well, not-so-open concepts. And it’s simple, really. People want a moment to themselves. The teenager needs a quiet place to read. Mom and Dad want their private eating spaces. Each family member needs a quiet place where they can focus on their work or online courses. 

Queen City Kitchen & Bath is here for you. We can take your existing open-floor layout and add walls, sliding doors, or other types of partitions to create separate spaces. We can guide you through kitchen cabinet renovation ideas that will provide uncluttered storage space without compromising the flow of your home. In other words, we can help make your living environment more cozy and functional while maintaining the spaciousness you love!



Given how busy the spring season is for remodeling, it can be particularly difficult to find good, available contractors. At Queen City Kitchen & Bath, we will provide the contractors for any remodeling project we take on. And you count on our contractors—we’re professionally trained, punctual, and we complete jobs on schedule. 

For the record, we don’t mind if you evaluate our team of contractors to ensure we’re a good fit for your project. We’ll even give you some pointers on what to look for when hiring a remodeling contractor:

Professional Training

You should only ever hire a licensed contractor. Obtaining the proper qualifications and credentials in their area of expertise requires contractors to attend a reputable training institution and pass a bevy of challenging tests. And in order for a contractor to keep their license, they must uphold stringent standards, which naturally results in fewer mistakes and higher overall quality of work. 


A qualified contractor should always be insured for any job they take on. There is simply too much risk for injury and property damage when construction or remodeling is involved. Make sure the contractor you hire is covered by general liability and worker’s compensation.


Finally, it’s important to remember that qualified contractors have worked hard to learn their craft and do things the right way; otherwise, they would never have obtained their credentials. A good contractor will also make it a priority to maintain their license and uphold their reputation. Consider it a red flag if you meet with a contractor who doesn’t seem concerned about their reputation.  


Spring is the season of rebirth, and it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your living environment! Consider the ideas above for turning your bathroom into the relaxing oasis it should be, and evaluate your home’s current floor plan to determine if you would benefit from adding some privacy and quiet. And remember to contact Queen City Kitchen & Bath for any projects you have in mind. Our team of experts will stick with you through every step of the process and see that your dream remodels bloom!