Say you’re ready to buy a home, and as you enter the listings and start to look around, what are your selling points? What are your deal breakers? What are you willing to upgrade and what are you going to consider being a cost drain?

You would not be surprised to find that time and time again, buyers are disappointed to find outdated kitchens, bathrooms in dire need of a remodel, or just a lack of kitchen and bathroom space. Kitchens and bathrooms, arguably, are where we spend a lot of time in our home. During a sale, buyers see kitchen and bathroom remodeling as a deal breaker, and often won’t even consider a house if it doesn’t meet their minimum number of desired baths.

If you’re selling a home, you know how big ticket, important items are often the ones most overlooked, like a fence, insulation, or new hot water heater. But, if you have a sleek new kitchen to walk into and a sparkling upgraded bathroom, the compliments are going to start rolling in — and best of all, your buyers are going to take notice!

At Queen City Kitchens and Baths, we have the expertise to help you achieve your kitchen and bath goals, with everything you need from start to finish. We’ll discuss how to prioritize upgrades in your kitchen and bath, and explain the options for remodeling both of these important spaces in your home when it comes to your return on investment (ROI). Queen City Kitchen and Baths serve the Charlotte area for your kitchen and bath needs. 


Bathroom Upgrades and Remodels

How much can a bathroom upgrade add resale value to your home?

Cost range: $300 to $1000

Potential return: 2% to 3%


How much does minor mid range to major bathroom remodels go for? 

Cost range: $20,420 to $65,673

Mid range remodel potential return: 67%

Major remodel potential return: 60%


Main areas of remodeling:

  • Replace or reface counters and cabinets
  • Install upgraded flooring
  • Reglaze or replace tub or shower unit
  • Fresh paint on the walls
  • Replace bath accessories (towel bars, mirror, toilet paper holder etc.)


42% of real estate professionals said the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to have in good shape. On the bright side, due to the typically compact space of a bathroom, a bathroom remodel offers an easier entry point for DIY’s, than say, a kitchen. Experts advise that you should work in about 18 days for a bathroom remodel if it involves removing and installing drywall. If drywall isn’t in the works, then anticipate about 14 days for remodeling. 

A bathroom remodel won’t necessarily make returns to the exact penny you spent to update it, but they are certainly one of the higher return projects you can do to add resale value to your home. A brand new, sparkling bathroom can certainly help inspire offers on your house, and even small, inexpensive updates could help bring 2-3% more for your house.

The real key to ROI is to first tackle the minor problems in your bathroom (e.g. a leaky faucet, caulking the tub, a burn mark from your flat iron on the counter) that seen all together, start to add up into quite serious doubts on the part of the buyers. New bathroom light fixtures can also be an inexpensive upgrade to quickly will make your space brighter and more appealing. 

Another easy upgrade is to also replace any appliance with a handle that comes into contact with water. If your home has hard water, especially, those handles and the sink faucet are subject to corrosion. 

Once you’ve made those repairs, turn your eye to the larger price items. What state is the tile in? Is the bathtub beyond a good scrub? Is stepping into the bathroom like stepping into an era long past? 

If your answer was yes, then your bathroom is ready for a remodel. The vanity and sink are a mid range cost that can visually increase the appeal of your bathroom. Homebuyers are seeking vanities that rest at a comfortable height, that either offer storage below or enough counter space for a couple, and tend to prefer granite.

Plumbing probably comes to mind as a higher cost upgrade, but realistically, toilets and sinks are simple systems where the plumbing work is minimal. However, upgrading the tub or shower can bring up the costs quickly, as it’s a bit more complicated and expensive. Many homeowners are opting to remove tubs and install walk-in showers. 

Electrical work in the bathroom should be relatively minimal and limited to replacing the bathroom fan (if needed), upgrading the general lighting, and replacing outlets and outlet covers. 

When it comes to cabinets and counters in bathrooms, an average bathroom typically doesn’t need more than 60 inches of base cabinets and a vanity top. If you’re cutting costs, you could eliminate the countertops by opting for a pedestal sink. In our Remnants and Fabrication shop, we also often have large, discounted pieces of quartz and granite that are perfect for bathroom vanities. You’ll want to know your vanity width before visiting our Remnant location (open Fridays only 10am-3pm), and we offer total package pricing that includes: template, fabrication, install, disconnect, plumbing, removal, installation, and 4” backsplash. 


What flooring options are good for your bathroom?

Replacing bathroom flooring will go the farthest in breathing life into your remodel. Porcelain, ceramic, or vinyl can all be engineered to look like classic wood or stone, but still able to withstand moisture and remain waterproof. 

Laminate cannot be used in bathrooms for flooring. However, tile or vinyl flooring is perfectly appropriate. Many people who would never put vinyl in the kitchen choose vinyl for the bathroom, as there are many luxurious and aesthetically appealing options, comparative to tile. 

However, the cost of materials will increase when you choose luxury tiles or flooring, even though they’re usually more difficult to install, and can give you the same look as a mid-range tile. We advise avoiding the extremely high or low end tiles and go with reliable, mid-range brands.


Kitchen Upgrades and Remodels

How much can kitchen upgrades add resale value to your home?

Cost range: $300 to $5000

Potential return: 3% to 7%

How much does minor mid range to major kitchen remodels go for? 

Cost range: $22,507 to $131,510

Mid range remodel potential return: 80%

Major remodel potential return: 60%

The kitchen is called the heart of the home for good reason. With heavy foot traffic and daily use, your kitchen faces a great deal of wear and tear. In turn, kitchens also tend to be the heart of the home when you’re trying to sell as well. Real estate agents often set up camp in the kitchen during open houses, and a nice kitchen will be prominently displayed in the first photos on real estate marketing materials or advertising sites like Zillow. The kitchen is often the focal point for buyers and therefore should be a top priority for upgrading as a seller.

A kitchen isn’t the best room in the house to test out your DIY abilities. When it comes to time, expense, and difficulty, remodeling your kitchen is best left to the experts. 


Main areas of remodeling:

Greater floor space in the kitchen is going to drive up the overall cost and time investment of your kitchen remodel. We recommend planning for at least 30 days to complete your kitchen remodel. 

Plumbing is usually limited in a kitchen remodel, as the sink hookups or water links for the refrigerator are limited to one-for-one replacements. Electrical can vary depending on whether the kitchen is already up to code, or if you’re wanting to make a change from electric to gas. In general, most electrical upgrades will be around replacing or adding lighting, or replacing outlets.

In an average 10 x 10’ kitchen, expect to provide 15 linear feet of counters, and the same 15 linear feet of base and wall cabinets. Unlike bathrooms, kitchens are not high moisture spaces and can get by with laminate flooring. While laminate is cheap and dependable, your resale value can increase with vinyl plank and tiles that are made of varied composite materials and increased pliability that make all the difference on how long your floors will last—all while being very durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain!


Backsplash pro-tip from top designers: Don’t fall for the white subway tile trend!

The white subway tiling has been extremely popular for home remodels in the past few years, as an easy way to bring a fresh, clean slate to any kitchen. However, subway tile is starting to fall out of favor and date itself. Now, homeowners and designers are opting for tiles that bring texture and a variety of patterns into the home, while still achieving a neutral balance. A ceramic backsplash is not only more affordable but presents a similarly minimal and clean look with ceramic tile.


Choosing between a kitchen and a bathroom remodel? Here are the figures compared:


Cost Range: $20,420 to $65,673

Mid Range Remodel ROI: 67%

Major Remodel ROI: 60%



Cost Range: $22,507 to $131,510

Mid Range Remodel ROI: 80%

Major Remodel ROI: 60%


The main number to note here is the major remodel potential return for kitchens and baths; both average at about a 60% return rate. Instead of a major remodel, a mid-range remodel offers better RIO, with the kitchen remodel bringing in more value overall. 

If you have a limited amount of money to put toward remodeling, you may want to start with the bathroom. But, depending on the number of bathrooms in your home, a bathroom remodel can be more invasive than a kitchen remodel (i.e. if your home has only 1 bathroom, you may need to live somewhere else during the remodel in order to shower and have access to a toilet). If you can afford either remodel, then prioritize the kitchen. A beautiful, new kitchen is far more likely to sell to a buyer, than a bathroom. 

In either room, if you’re remodeling to sell or want to ensure that the design will stand the test of time, opt for neutrals and natural textures. Buyers have an easier time imagining themselves in a home or envisioning the use of a room when painted in a neutral white or off-white, grays, and beiges. For paint, kitchens and bathrooms are great candidates for a complete paint job due to the amount of high traffic they experience. Invest in a quality semi-gloss paint that will withstand cleaning, scrubbing, and traffic. 

Focus your efforts in your bath and kitchen toward making both spaces as functional as possible. Even if you don’t remodel every aspect of the kitchen or bath, new quartz countertops in the kitchen or an updated vanity in the bathroom can truly transform a space. Plus, according to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, 75% of homeowners want to be in their homes more after a remodeling project, and 65% consider their homes more “fun” afterward. So even if you’re not planning to sell your home anytime soon, you’ll be more satisfied and experience more joy! 


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