“What do you recommend to clean my new countertops?”

“Is there anything I should not use?”

“Is it okay to use _____________?”

These are the frequent questions that any industry professional will answer multiple times a day by customers. There are so many products out on the market used for daily cleaning and kitchen upkeep. But what products should you use as a customer?

Products that have ingredients that are not bleach or ammonia-based are preferred. These types of products can “strip” the sealer or protective coating on any hard surface that could potentially penetrate the product.

Customer safe products that are more of a “green” clean in your kitchen that can fight off the bacteria or build-up could be some everyday household products. Using water and vinegar 70/30 solution may not smell the best but still gets the job done. If you want to add a favorite smell add a couple of drops of lemon, basil or lavender oil drops to the liquid.

If you still want a “green” cleaning solution and not feel like making your own turning to Trader Joes Multi-Purpose Cedar Wood & Sage Cleaner. This is a biodegradable product and not tested on animals.

In addition to Trader Joes, the Seventh Generation products are readily available in your local grocers. This is a plant-based cleaning product free of any artificial components or dyes.

Keep your cleaning day strong and hard surfaces safe!


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